Personal injury

Rudman & Smith has an extensive history of obtaining successful verdicts and settlements in the personal injury arena. We do not suggest or advise that you attempt to resolve a personal claim without legal representation.


When it comes to protecting your freedom, record, and rights there is no substitute for an experienced attorney(s) in your corner going to bat for you.  Rudman & Smith is that firm that will go the distance for you and your interests.   


Family strife can be the most stressful circumstance that one can face.  Our goal is to make bad situations better by providing experienced and personalized legal services that address the issues you're having with your family.

Worker's compensation

An injury at work can be devastating to both your body and your financial situation.  At Rudman & Smith we will fight hard to ensure you are provided with medical care you need and the compensation that you are entitled to under the law.

Traffic tickets and municipal violations

Traffic tickets and Municipal violations occur when one is charged with violating a municipal ordinance or law. These violations can result in jail time, expensive fines and/or a loss in one’s driving privileges.

juvenile law

At Rudman & Smith, we are comprised of experienced attorneys who can zealously represent you or your loved ones who are facing legal issues in the areas of juvenile law. We will provide you with an aggressive experienced attorney working hard to protect your rights.