Juvenile Law

At Rudman & Smith, we are comprised of experienced attorneys who can zealously represent you or your loved ones who are facing legal issues in the areas of juvenile law, including representing parents accused of abuse and neglect or facing termination of parental rights, or representing juveniles faced with delinquency allegations.Our lawyers have a broad range of experience as Guardian Ad Litems, Court Appointed Special Advocate, and head of the St. Louis County Youth Advocacy Unit.

By choosing an attorney from our law firm, you will have an aggressive experienced attorney working hard to protect your rights through what can be an extremely difficult and emotional process. If you are involved in any matter related to juvenile law, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

Child Abuse and Neglect Cases

Have you or your spouse been accused of abusing or neglecting your child? Has your child been physically or sexually abused? If you are facing the threat of having your child taken away by the Missouri Department of Social Services, or if your child has already been taken away, you must act quickly. There are procedures and policies that must be followed by all parties involved. Our skilled and efficient attorneys and team of professionals will help assist you through this extremely emotional and frustrating process.

We will work to have your children returned to you as quickly as possible and to protect your rights. Your attorney will work directly with the Juvenile Office and the Department of Social Services to ensure that your rights, as well as the rights of your children, are protected. Call Rudman & Smith now at (314) 645-7246.

Termination of Parental Rights

Termination of Parental Rights is the taking way of all your rights and ties to your child. Every parent involved in this process needs to have the representation of an experienced attorney protecting them throughout the case. We provide effective representation to those involved in termination of parental right cases.

Our attorneys will walk you through each step of this process and advocate for your interests until completion, while at the same time strive to minimize the stress in this emotionally charged area of the law. Call Rudman & Smith now at (314) 645-7246.

Juvenile Defense

If your child is under the age of 17 years of age and is charged with a crime your child’s case will be referred to the juvenile court. Though general principles apply as to what constitutes a crime, the procedures, sentencing guidelines and alternatives can vary greatly when it comes to handling these types of cases as discussed below. It takes an experienced attorney who handles these types of cases on a consistent basis to protect your loved one’s rights and minimize his/her risks. Juvenile offenses can have serious consequences and based upon the seriousness of the offense and other factors, some juveniles may even be “certified” and tried as adults.

We are attorneys with over 60 years of combined experience, we understand how the system works and provide efficient and effective representation to those facing charges, including but not limited to:

We handle murder cases, assault cases, sex cases. gun cases, drug possession, alcohol possession, stealing/shoplifting, robbery, burglary, property damage and truancy.