Rudman & Smith Results

Rudman & Smith has a long history of obtaining substantial judgments, settlements, and awards on behalf of its clients, both through litigation and negotiated settlements. Plaintiff verdicts and favorable settlements are the result of excellent legal skills and thorough preparation. You can trust your serious personal injury case to Rudman & Smith because of our track record of proven success.  A small sampling of results obtained on behalf of our clients are as follows:

Sexual Assault of a Mentally Disabled Woman

Rudman & Smith litigated a case in federal court on behalf of a woman who was sexually abused. The defendant claimed the sex act was consensual; however, Rudman & Smith proved there was no consent and their client was sexually assaulted. Rudman & Smith obtained a judgment of $4,000,000 on behalf of their client.

Race Discrimination

Rudman & Smith successfully resolved a race discrimination case for a confidential settlement in excess of $650,000.

Wrongful Death

Rudman & Smith was retained by a mother whose son was killed by a law enforcement officer. Initially the incident was labeled as a justified killing or self defense until Rudman & Smith discovered a surveillance tape during its investigation. Rudman & Smith filed suit and obtained in excess of $542,000 on behalf of the deceased.

I retained Rudman & Smith to represent my mother in a nursing home lawsuit. Not only did my elderly mom receive a just settlement, she was also treated very kindly along the way, and our entire family did not feel the stress of the lawsuit.
— Patty (Previous Client)

Sexual Abuse in the Workplace

Rudman & Smith represented an employee who was sexually assaulted by a supervisor. Initially, the employer claimed sexual abuse or assault did not occur. However, Rudman & Smith aggressively pursued the claim and obtained a negotiated settlement of $500,000 on behalf of its client.

Negligent Supervision of a Minor Child

Rudman & Smith represented a minor child who was severely injured due to the negligent supervision of his care taker. The minor child sustained significant injuries due to falling from a window. Rudman & Smith negotiated a settlement of $400,000 on behalf of their client.

Wrongful Death Due to Trucking Accident

Rudman & Smith was retained by a widow whose husband was killed in a trucking accident. The decendent left behind a wife and several children. The defendant denied liability. Consequently, Rudman & Smith filed suit and obtained in excess of $300,000 on behalf of said widow and children.

I retained Derek Rudman to defend me on a serious felony charge where I was facing up to life in prison. After the alleged victim made this allegation against me I was railroaded through the system. Mr. Rudman believed in me and my case when no one else did.
— Jimmy (Previous Client)

Pedestrian Hit by an Automobile

Rudman & Smith was retained by a pedestrian who walked across a road after a concert and was struck by an automobile.  The client was comparatively at fault but we obtained liability limits of$300,000 from the Defendant’s insurance carrier and our client’s underinsured liability insurance carrier.

Automobile Accident

Rudman & Smith obtained a settlement for a car accident in which the other driver failed to yield the right of way resulting in damages, including soft tissue injuries, in an amount in excess of$120,000.

Nursing Home Negligence

Children entrusted their beloved elderly mother to a nursing home. Unfortunately, the nursing home was negligent, which resulted in the resident falling and sustaining significant injuries. The family retained Rudman & Smith to represent their mother. Rudman & Smith successfully obtained in excess of $150,000 for its client.

Wrongful Discharge

Employee was wrongfully terminated by his employer. Employee retained Rudman & Smith. Employer claimed said termination was warranted. Rudman & Smith zealously pursued said claim and obtained a negotiated settlement of $100,000.

The entire process of divorce and child custody can be complicated and overwhelming. The courts can be confusing and the delays of hearings are frustrating and don’t make a lot of sense to the average person. Doug Rudman was a voice of reason and calm throughout the whole process.
— Andrea (Previous Client)

Disclaimer: The client stories, though based upon cases handled by this office, are representative only and should not be viewed as an assurance of a particular result. Each case must stand on its own facts and circumstances. No representation is made that the quality of the legal service to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.